Traffic Rules

Be Mindful of One Another – Please Don’t Speed

The posted speed limit is 25 mph except where otherwise posted. Our roadways have high traffic volumes not only from vehicles but also from pedestrians, joggers, cyclists, and golf carts. Please be mindful of non-vehicular traffic and exercise caution when driving on Admirals Cove roadways. 

In the interest of safety, on-site Security performs traffic stops when a vehicle is witnessed to be speeding or runs a stop sign. Admirals Cove also utilizes lidar technology to capture speeding vehicles. 

Anyone driving a golf cart within the community must have a valid driver’s license. 

Homeowners are required to allow employees and vendors to use their driveways to reduce vehicle clutter on the streets. Although overnight parking on the street is not permitted, the MPOA may approve overnight parking in certain circumstances. 

Car Delivery and Pick-Up from your Residence

Flatbed and one car carriers are allowed in Admirals Cove. Large car carriers are not permitted in Admirals Cove or Golf Village. Anyone arranging to have a vehicle dropped off or picked up at Admirals Cove is encouraged to instruct the delivery company to contact Security at 561.747.3024 prior to arriving. For Golf Village, the car carrier is required to park on Frederick Small Road. Golf Village Security can be contacted at 561.745.2622 for assistance. Security Officers can assist the drivers in getting the vehicle safely from the offsite car carrier to your home.