Home Sales

The MPOA requires a thirty (30) day lead time for processing all the necessary documentation for closings beginning on the first business day the executed contract is received. Please ensure the buyers information is sent along with the executed contract to avoid processing delays.

The Sales Packet will be sent to the buyers within five (5) business days after the contract is received. The packet also includes important information regarding utility set up.

Estoppel requests take 7-10 business days to fulfill. All fees pertaining to the sale will be included on the estoppel and sent to the title company listed on the estoppel. Please be advised additional fees will apply for expedited requests.  

The ADR coordinator will conduct a Compliance Review Inspection when a home is up for sale. This process ensures the home complies with MPOA Rules and Regulations. Occasionally, homeowners have completed renovations or modifications on their homes without ADR Approval. Sellers and/or buyers must correct these non-compliance issues before issuing a Certificate of Compliance.

An MPOA representative will send the Certificate of Approval once all pertinent sales documents are received. To avoid delays, the MPOA must receive the completed sales packet ten (10) business days prior to closing.

All new owners are required to schedule a new orientation meeting with the MPOA Directors and must provide a copy of the Warranty Deed to set up a Security Profile for access into the community.

For additional inquiries, please email contact@acmpoa.com.

Please be advised “The MPOA” and “The Club” are two separate entities. For questions pertaining to Club Membership, please contact The Club at 561.744.1700.

Home Leasing Requirements

Homes may be leased once (1) in any twelve (12) month period but for no less than three (3) months at a time. The owner or lessor is responsible for providing the necessary documents to the MPOA office, which includes an application filled out by the lessee, a copy of the executed lease, and an application fee. The MPOA must receive all the necessary documents ten (10) business days before the beginning of the lease, or additional fees may apply.