Community Services

Notary Public Service

The MPOA offers a full complement of Community Services guaranteed to provide rapid on-site support when you need it. We currently have notary publics that can attest to and certify documents, and perform various other duties as specified by law. Please call 561.746.7769 before you come and/or make an appointment to guarantee our presence. 

Shredding Service

Another community service the MPOA provides is periodically offering a convenient and secure way to dispose your sensitive paper documents. Our on-site Shredding Services are provided free of charge three times a year (spring, summer, and fall). An email communication will be sent from the MPOA letting you know the date of each shredding event. 

Pest Control

The MPOA currently has a contract with Hulett to provide on-site Pest Control Services. For our condos and single-family homes, these services are included in the MPOA quarterly fees. For our larger custom homes, you can easily request this ongoing, value-add service, for us to coordinate and manage.