Docks and Boats

Dock Responsibilities

If your property has a dock, it is the Homeowner’s responsibility to maintain the dock, keeping it in safe working order and structurally sound. All docks must have a minimum of one light, and illuminated in such a way, to light the outermost piling in the channel. This light should automatically turn on at dusk and turn off at dawn. No vapor lights or any light over 100 watts will be permitted to not disturb the neighboring properties. Lighting color should be white to cool-white and not more than 3000 Kelvin. 

Please consult your Dock License Agreement for additional details. If you live in a condo, please contact the MPOA to ensure the above statements apply to your condominium association. A copy of the agreement can be provided by the MPOA. 

Boat Transponders

Entry to the Admirals Cove Waterways require a unique security transponder to be affixed to the Starboard side of the vessel (jet skis are included). You may obtain the transponder through Security, free of charge. 

Boat Size Guidelines

The size of a boat allowed to be kept on your dock is based on a few factors and may be adjusted due to limited accessibility, home location, waterway navigability and waterway depth. The ADR Committee will review these conditions and/or variance agreements on an individual basis and, at its sole discretion, come up with a determination. You can also contact the MPOA if you have any questions or concerns. 

Custom and Patio Homes

  • Lots up to 70 ft. in width: 50% of the width of the lot as measured at the shoreline plus 10% = the length of the boat.
  • Lots greater than 70 ft. in width: as measured at the shoreline must maintain a 15-foot setback on each side for a total of 30’. Nothing may encroach into the setbacks and/or navigable channels. This includes floating docks and dolphin pilings.
  • The actual length of the boat allowed to be kept on your dock is subject to accessibility, which can include, but is not limited to, the following issues; channel depth, width, king tides, and depth of water around the dock.

Villa II Homes 

  • 40’ when accessible

Captains Way Villa

  • 40’ overall length

Captains Way Harbor Homes

  • 35’ overall length with no-fly bridge or tower allowed

Spyglass and Waterside Harbor Homes

  • 34’ subject to condominium board approval