Hurricane Preparedness

When Hurricane Season begins it becomes time to take precautionary steps. The MPOA has a comprehensive Hurricane Guide as a resource should you need it. This guide is also viewable on Please know that the MPOA is here to assist you in installing hurricane shutters, taking down awnings, outdoor artwork, installing additional window protection, garage door braces, and more, at the beginning of storm season. It is essential that all patio furniture, kayaks, paddle boards, including dock boxes and grills get put away. Vessels need to be tied down where necessary. This essential planning should begin several weeks before hurricane season starts as the MPOA uses the same resources to secure the entire community. 

Rule of thumb: If you need assistance in preparing your homes, either closing and/or opening your homes, please contact the MPOA a few weeks earlier. Before you leave have your coconut trees trimmed to minimize falling hazards. 

Hurricane Guide