Safety Tips

Please use your alarm system whenever you leave your home. Law enforcement sources tell us that burglars will often confess the reason they picked a particular home was because of its apparent accessibility. They looked into a window and could see the alarm was off. The MPOA also advises that you keep your lights on inside and outside your home to give the appearance that someone is in residence. 

As important as it is to secure your home, it is also essential to keep your car doors locked. Do not leave valuables in plain sight. An open car door provides easy access to whatever valuables you have in your car. Also, many residents have garage door openers on their car visor making it easy to gain access into your home. Remember to lock your cars. 

All homes must keep a key on file with security. In an emergency, it greatly improves response time and could save you costly repairs in the event of a water leak or other situation that would require swift entry into the home. 

While walking, jogging or bicycle riding in the early morning or night hours, please wear reflective or white clothing. The MPOA offers a reflective belt for anyone in need of a high visibility marker when visibility is limited. Additionally, if you are driving and come upon a pedestrian or cyclist, please slow down, and proceed with caution. 

Admirals Cove Wildlife

Admirals Cove sits on 1,000 acres of land located in a natural setting in the coastal region of Jupiter Florida. Jupiter’s coastal areas, inland waterways and adjoining Intracoastal waterways are amazing scenery with great biodiversity and home to an abundant amount of flora and fauna. Our rich landscape and access to water creates an ecosystem where many species of birds, reptiles, fish, and mammals coexist near our residents. 

Be mindful that some of the birds, reptiles, fish, and mammals can be dangerous. Residents should be aware that we have at times seen Osprey, Alligators, Bobcats, Coyotes, Turkeys, Sharks, Otters and Manatees along with other species both big and small within Admirals Cove. Please recognize that these wild animals can be dangerous. Use caution when in proximity of them. For safety purposes, we prohibit the feeding of all wild animals as well as swimming in our canal waterways.